Father, Designer, Painter, Hoarder.

Involved with the Graffiti art movement since the age of 15,

Meex One continues to explore and define his own unique statement and style.
He has made the transition from expressing
his art on the walls of the city’s forgotten landscapes and freight trains,

to large commisioned murals and complex canvas work.

Meex One realized Graffiti art could transcend
beyond the streets.
He has created expressive canvases
that challenge the definition of vandalism and beauty. His artwork has been showcased in various

group exhibitions and as a featured artist in several live art events.

His success as a freelance artist has allowed him to collaborate on everything from traditional murals,

still photography shoots, and film production. His art is unique, versatile,
and creative while still paying homage to
the old school B-boy style.